In a previous blog post, we shared some of our favorite honeymoon destinations abroad, and this week we are sharing our favorite destinations stateside!  When all the stress, details, and planning is all finally over, the honeymoon is where your forever begins!  We know the many options can seem overwhelming, so we wanted to give you a head start on your own honeymoon research and provide.  Here are a few of our favorite honeymoon destinations stateside!

Charleston, South Carolina

This will forever be my favorite trip I have ever taken because it’s where Connor and I went for our own honeymoon!  We spent one week here and had the most amazing time!  What drew us to this spot was the flexibility from having a relaxing beach vacation to the fun and adventurous trip… Charleston’s unique position allows for both!

Charleston has multiple well known beaches.  We stayed at an AirBnB near Folly Beach.  This little gem of Charleston felt like a hidden getaway!  Most everything near the beach was walking distance.  There were multiple restaurants and tourist shops, similar to most little beach towns.  We also spent one afternoon at the Isle of Palms beach and absolutely loved the quiet, secluded feel of this particular beach.  It was also covered in seashells!  More than I had ever seen before!  

A few days during our stay we had some more adventurous excursions.  One afternoon Connor surprised me with a jet ski trip and we even saw dolphins while we were out!  That was a highlight of the honeymoon for me!  We headed to some museums and landmarks to get a feel for the history of the area as well.  And each night we went into the city to have dinner.  Truly every single meal we ate was a win, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner!  The food in Charleston is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I can’t say enough good things!  I could go on and on about this trip, my favorite trip ever, and maybe I’ll share a different blog post one day filled with my favorite memories and our full itinerary.  It was truly the honeymoon of a lifetime!

Destin, Florida

Connor and I both grew up going to Destin for multiple family vacations, and this past summer Connor was even able to go with my parents and I on our first married family vacation there too!  So needless to say, Destin holds a very special place in our hearts.  If you are looking for a calm and laid back honeymoon filled with sunshine and great food, this is the spot for you!

My perfect day in Destin looks something like this.  I would start out with making some coffee in the condo and sip it on the back patio.  I’d slowly pack up my beach bag and head to the beach for a few hours.  I would alternate between the water, reading a good book, and napping (what all the best beach trips are made of).  I would then head to the pool for a quick dip (something about stopping by the pool before I head back to the condo always makes me feel a little cleaner).  I’d change and get ready for a nice dinner out before picking up some ice cream and heading home for the evening.  I mean, can you imagine a better beach day than that?!  Repeat the next few days and you’ve got yourself one beautifully slow and relaxing vacation!

New York City

For the more adventurous couple, maybe New York City is your honeymoon destination!  I first visited New York the summer after I graduated from college.  I spent just a little more than 24 hours there and I packed as many things into that time as I possibly could!  It was filled with multiple cups of coffee, Central Park, shopping, sightseeing, and so much walking!  For the NYC honeymoon, I’m picturing dreamy mornings in the park, leisurely walks around the city, and fancy dinners every night!  This is an incredible honeymoon option for the couple who thrives on energy and wants new experiences at every turn!

With so many options, you have endless opportunities to make your honeymoon all that you wish!  This time is incredibly special as you celebrate your new life as husband and wife!  Did you honeymoon stateside?  Let us know where you went in the comments!