If there is one thing to be certain of at every wedding day, it is this: something unexpected is bound to happen.  Just about everyone we know can recall something on their wedding day that didn’t go as planned.

For my mom, it was that the aisle runner was not laid out for her.  

For my brother, it was that the boutonnières were left at home.  

For my mother-in-law, it was spilling Coke on her wedding dress.  

For Connor and I, it was that our technology overheated.  

For some friends we’ve seen microphones stop working, the wrong music played, rain right as the bride was walking down the aisle….. we’ve just about seen (or heard) it all!

At this point, I think it’s part of the wedding tradition for something unexpected to happen!  I went into our wedding day knowing that as much as I planned, it was still impossible for me to plan for every little scenario.  That mindset really helped me be at peace with however our day went.  I felt calm, at ease, and just thoroughly excited to be marrying Connor!  Ultimately, what matters the most is that you are marrying the love of your life!  Everything else will fall into place.  We encourage all of our couples to slow down and expect the unexpected.  As long as you are marrying your best friend, everything else will happen just as it is supposed to!

But even with that being said, being prepared is never a bad idea!  That’s why we recommend all of our brides prepare a Bridal Survival Kit.  Think of this as your go-to for anything unexpected that may happen on your wedding day.  We have put together a list of the items we recommend brides pack in their kit, which you can find below.  We’re also providing this as a downloadable PDF for all your planning needs! 


This Bridal Survival Kit is one of our biggest recommendations for brides and I hope this helps you as you prepare for your own wedding day!