As we get closer to the busyness of wedding season once again, we also get closer to the time of the year when engaged couples begin feeling overwhelmed with the seemingly endless list of details to finalize before the wedding day. 

While there are many things to think through and decide in the final weeks of engagement, ultimately, we encourage you to remember that your union with your spouse is the most important thing and is fully worth prioritizing.  In order to keep your upcoming marriage at the forefront of the preparations, we’ve compiled a helpful list of suggestions as you get closer to your wedding day.

Keep Regular Date Nights

The closer we got to our wedding date, the more I felt like our calendar was filled with wedding related activities.  There were wedding showers, bachelorette and bachelor parties, premarital counseling, final vendor meetings… and while all of these things are wonderful, we recognized that we also needed time for just the two of us to spend together.  Whether that was going out for a short coffee or a nice dinner together, finding moments we could sit together and share about things happening and how we were feeling was incredibly helpful in us staying connected throughout the final weeks of our engagement.  Date nights are also just fun, and having moments built into life that are fun are important to have!

Have Scheduled Wedding Planning Time

One thing Connor and I did often was schedule out time when we would discuss wedding planning details.  This allowed us to be specific about what topics we needed to talk about together.  This helped us to be intentional about what needed to be thought through.  We also found it helpful at times to visit different locations to have these conversations because it helped us to stay focused.  For example, we had some information to provide for our wedding videographer via a questionnaire prior to our wedding, so we scheduled some time to go to a coffee shop and answer these questions together.  Being in a different environment helped us to stay focused on the task at hand and be sure we provided our videographer with all the necessary information!

Have Scheduled Non-Wedding Planning Time

And alternatively, it is important to have time set aside when there is no wedding talk.  Wedding planning can consume your life, and that only adds to the stress many couples experience.  Connor and I decided together that we would be open and honest with one another throughout engagement about how we were feeling with the wedding planning.  If one of us needed a night of no wedding talk, we let the other know and we respected that boundary.  It was important to us to respect that we are two different people who were going to have different emotions and thoughts throughout the season of engagement.  We wanted to be respectful and mindful of that and be willing to help the other person feel less overwhelmed when needed by eliminating wedding talk at different times.  This same idea has carried over into our marriage– if there are times when one of us is feeling overwhelmed with something, we feel like the other is a safe place to share that with because we saw that to be true in engagement.  We’ve found it to be super helpful throughout our marriage so far!

As you wrap up the finishing touches for your upcoming wedding, take some time to breathe.  Maybe that looks like going out of town even for just a day trip to the next closest city, or having a relaxed night at home.  Soak in these final days of engagement.  You never get to be engaged to your spouse-to-be again and it truly is such a unique and special time!  Take lots of pictures, video each other during fun wedding planning moments, write about what you’re feeling… document this experience.  I promise you will be so grateful to have these memories preserved to look back on!  We are wishing you all the best as you conclude your time of engagement and step into married life!