Hello!  I am so excited to welcome you to the very first blog post of Woods Media Company!  We are thrilled you are here!  We have some big visions and ideas for this little corner of the internet and we can’t wait to get started!

Meet Connor & Emily

We are Woods Media Company, a photography and videography company specializing in weddings, couples, families, and seniors.  We are a husband and wife team that exists to capture and preserve your biggest life moments.  I’m Emily, one half of WMC. I am married to my best friend and business partner, Connor, the other half of WMC. This business actually started out as something Connor did on his own mostly on the side. After we were married in July of 2021 we saw a really neat opportunity to partner together in this industry serving our clients in a unique way. I am our lead photographer, business administrator, and social media curator.  Connor is our lead videographer and the one who helps bring all my crazy big dreams to life.  Since our own wedding, we've been traveling together across the state of Kentucky and beyond capturing special moments for our clients, from the magic of wedding days to the magic of the day to day.  We absolutely love getting to walk through so many special moments in time with our clients and getting to serve them with our giftings.  It’s the biggest honor to be invited into such big moments, like wedding days, and we love that we get to do what we do!

Our proposal day | Erin Drysdale Photography

The Details

I’ve been dreaming up ways to invite you all into our life and serve you better for a while now no matter what stage of life you find yourself in. You may be a previous or current client, thinking about trusting us with your wedding, a friend of a friend who knows us, or just checking us out-- regardless of where you fall, you'll find something here for you.  We have a lot of fun ideas we’re combing through, but this blog is the first big step and is one we’re absolutely thrilled about!  My hope for this blog is that it will be a place you can come to and feel like you have a friend; someone to talk about wedding planning, engagement, and married life with.  We love wedding days, but more than that, we love seeing our clients live out life giving marriages! Because the thing is, your wedding day is just the beginning of the life you are building together!  So regardless of where you find yourself in life, we want to provide you with resources and ideas, and share some fun stories along the way.

When I say we can’t wait to get started, I truly mean it.  I have a long list of blog topics already that I am so excited to share with you.  So, time for me to get to putting all of my thoughts on the screen for you! Ultimately, I pray this blog will encourage you in any season of life you find yourself in.  May it be a place you leave more inspired than you came. See you soon!